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For us, this is much more than a mere marketing slogan. Our objective is to protect people at work. With this comes a huge responsibility, requiring us to ensure our efforts are focussed on developing products and services which minimise workplace hazards. We view our task as not only optimising protection via highperformance, product-based solutions, but also by taking an active role in terms of risk prevention. We are aiming to resolve the question: “How can we capitalise on the potential offered by PPE to ensure and maintain the performance capability and health and safety of employees in the workplace?”

The answer to this lies in a strategic approach to ergonomics, which intensively deals with the relationship of stress and strain. In order to integrate scientific findings in PPE products, we have developed a product system over the past few months which is designed to relieve the strain on wearers as effectively as possible.

With a defined “relief index”, we are able to introduce empirically verifiable features for each product which demonstrably prevent physical strain to ward off damage to long-term health. With the product system
“uvex i-gonomics”, our intention is to do our bit in maintaining the health of your employees. Place your trust in our product and service solutions and together we can shape the working world, ensuring it is even safer in the future.  

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