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OUR COMPANY – LINQ HEIGHT SAFETY Paramount Safety Product is an all-Australian company founded in 1992 and is the name behind the Prochoice Safety Gear and PPE.Our desire is to provide Australians with a safer working environment fuels our constant search for a better way of delivering high quality. PPE through innovation and certification of the highest order. This strive for excellence led to the development of the LINQ range of Harnesses and Lanyards, which includes the innovative Suspension-TraumaStanding Step Harness. Enabling the user to stand while suspended it alleviates the compression/tourniquet effect on the upper thighs and helps stimulate blood flow, reducing the potentially deadly consequences associated with prolonged harness suspension. PRODUCTS As with ProChoice Safety Gear, LINQ Height Safety Equipment is created for safety without compromise by using the highest quality materials engineered for comfort, performance, and a long life span. With independent third party certification from SAI Global, showcased by the “5 Ticks” mark, LINQ far exceeds Australian safety standards for your peace of mind. OUR SERVICE Local Australian manufacturing serves to ensure a flexible and dynamic design process, enabling application specific custom engineering without onerous minimum order quantities. With four distribution centers around the country and significant stock holdings, expedited delivery is the norm. OUR SUPPORT With all ProChoice staff holding intricate product and industry knowledge, the LINQ manufacturing team has a unique ability to understand your requirements. Led by Steve Sudgen who has over 12 years’ manufacturing experience on the international stage, the team is quickly able to develop a needs-based solution fit for your requirements. OUR IMAGE ProChoice is a renowned PPE brand respected nationally for premium products certified beyond requirements and sold at affordable prices. Hard-won intergrity and trust has been developed through years of delivering safety without compromise and is reinforced through strong packaging, product design and general branding. When people see ProChoice, they see a better product.